Meghan wears $30 dress in latest appearance on Late Late Show


was on James Corden’s show for only a few minutes as James called her via FaceTime on ’s phone. But those few minutes were enough for audiences to discover two main pieces of information: Meghan calls Harry “Haz” and she is believed to own a $30 dress.

The dress cost only $29.97 on Velvet Torch’s website.

That’s equivalent to around £22.

The dress was a denim blue colour and had puff short sleeves, a round neckline, and a ruffed bodice.

Although audiences couldn’t see the skirt of the dress in the short clip of Meghan, the bottom is flowing and slightly pleated.


Named the Puff Sleeve Smocked Dress on Velvet Torch’s website, it seemed that everyone wanted to get their hands on the affordable dress.

The dress was sold out by Friday.

Velvet Dress posted on its Instagram account that the dress would be back in stock no later than March 15.

The brand’s original post, where it shared a video of Meghan alongside photos of the dress, with the caption “So this happened today!!”, received more than a hundred comments.

Velvet Torch told their followers that they are able to pre-order the dress on their website for March 15.

The brand is a family-owned company that is “known for our easy fit styles that our customers can wear with confidence”.

Meghan has been seen to wear more casual clothes since she moved to Los Angeles, opting often for laid-back shirts, jeans, and her Vega trainers.

However, in the Duchess’ most recent video appearance before The Late Late Show, she wore a very different kind of outfit: a glamorous, lemon-printed sleeveless white dress from Oscar de La Renta, costing $3,490.

Meghan wore the dress for a Spotify Stream On event on February 22, where she and Harry spoke about their new Archewell Audio podcast.

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